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Put a Girl In It

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Brooks and Dunn probably said it best, “If your world’s got something missin, Just put a girl in it!


It seems that just about every aspect to everyone’s world is just better with a bit of a feminine touch!  Hunting is no different.

 Hunting has seen a surge in popularity with women in the past decade.  This trend is particularly strong in Canada, with numbers of women hunters rising in BC 62% between 2003 and 2012, while in Ontario it has risen 70% in the past four years.  Last year, in Saskatchewan, in the mandatory hunter education course, more than 1/3 of all students were women.  (Globe and Mail)

Women are still the backbone of food preparation within the household, and with popularity of the 100-mile diet, hunting has taken on a new meaning for women.  Local, freshly harvested meat taken from the forest gives a great option for families looking for food source alternatives.  While Canadian farmers are producing an abundance of healthy food, wild game is also sustainable, free-range and organic.

Many women have grown up in hunting families and are more than familiar with all the aspects of hunting wild game.  Later on in life, when their children become involved in hunting, many moms are excited to join them.  Quite often, when a young hunter joins a hunter education course, mom goes right along with him or her.

 “Women are realizing how much fun hunting is and how close it can actually bring them in their relationships with their families”, says Tiffany Lakosky, co-host of the Outdoor Channel hunting show Crush with Lee and Tiffany and a top bowhunter.  “The whole concept is that I am shooting my family’s dinner tonight and we’re eating something I shot.  I would say probably 90 percent of the meat we eat, we hunted.”  (National Geographic)

Hunting brings families together.  It brings marriages together too!  Hunting creates a heritage in a family that can be passed down over many generations and involves any age, any gender.  Hunting brings a sense of belonging and oneness with the outdoors, and this is very appealing to women.

mule deer hunting bc Hunting guides need to understand the importance of creating a women hunter friendly environment and encourage women to take part.  Only a few simple adjustments need to be made in order for women to feel comfortable and competent with an outfitter.  This article, written by Barbara Baird and Stephanie Mallory addresses a few common issues that many women face when they begin to hunt.

Whiteswan Lake Outfitters has had several successful women hunters and would like to extend an invitation to women hunters everywhere to come and hunt with us!

Shoot Straight!


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