Hello WSLO friends

Hello WSLO friends, hope you are enjoying a relaxing summer!  It’s been a while since hunt camp was full with hunting friends, telling stories and sharing a few laughs!  We’re looking forward to another season beginning soon, with our first hunters arriving in just a month!


British Columbia has had a challenging forest fire season, with hundreds of fires still burning. View this interactive map and take a look at what BC firefighters are up against!  Right now there are several fires burning in our territory, with the largest “White Tail Brook” over 900Ha.  We are so thankful that all of our hunt camps are a safe distance from any of the fires.  Right now there are up to 8 helicopters working around the Whiteswan Lake area dousing flames


The size of the White Tail Brook fire certainly has been creating some anxiety, however, we are taking it on as a blessing in disguise!  Forest fires create new grazing habitats for wildlife and shift herds of animals into land that may have previously been abandoned.  Nature has a way of purging and renewing through fire.




BC guide outfitters support controlled burns as a means of regenerating old growth forests and creating habitat for wildlife.


Here is a great story that CBC news shared earlier last month.


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