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img_0757358After another season is over I always reflect back on the people that we have shared time, stories, victories and defeats with. It always amazes me when I think of all the differences we share but at hunting camp we all share a common passion. We all enjoy the beauty of God’s creation, the challenge of the hunt, and meeting new friends or getting together with long time hunting partners. We often have return clients that come back to get the illusive animal that escaped them last time. We had someone like that this year. Third time to our camp, we all were anxious for him to fill his tag. He is an older gentleman, but has the heart and vision of a young man. The tag to fill was the Rocky Mountain Trophy Goat… not a easy hunt that is for sure. That is probably a tougher hunt than the Bighorn as far as terrain goes. Rain, fog, and snow moved in at the beginning of the week, they saw goats in between the fog and clouds. They made the assent hoping for a break in the clouds, no luck, just soaked to the bone and cold. That’s hunting everyone says, but still disappointing! Waiting for a weather change back at main camp we talk about family, work, weather, and hunting of course! Finally a break came and they tried again, it was slow going up the steep, icy grade. Once they were within shooting distance they got set up for the shot. Its a long one, but much practice has gone into the reality of this moment. The shot is fatal and the relief and emotion are real. We celebrated the success like we had all pulled the trigger. We could only imagine how our client felt.

It is moments like these when someone has accomplished something they weren’t sure they could that you are reminded that if you dig deep enough with God’s help you will find the strength to climb all the mountains in your life.

We have had the privilege of hosting many dedicated, ethical hunters this year that have become friends and we want to say thank you for choosing Whiteswan Lake Outfitters! Hope to see you all again.

Darryl and Joyce


Spring is in the Air

From all of us here at WSLO we want to shout out to all the great hunters, conservationists, and stewards of the land that hunted with us this last fall and winter. Thank you for a fantastic season, so many new friends, so many good laughs, so much hard work. We enjoyed each and everyone of you, it was a privilege to serve you and a reward to watch you harvest your trophies. This year (2016) is shaping up to be another busy year, our calendars are filling up fast. If you  are pondering a Big Game Hunt in British Columbia, Canada we invite you to give us a call. Our accommodations are very comfortable, running water, power, and Wi-Fi in the main camp.

mule deer hunting bc

The snow is melting and the days are getting longer. It will soon be time to head out and start the spring work of wood gathering and cleaning up after old man winter. A few painting jobs, and repairs always need to be done. We are getting excited about our bear hunters that are coming in May, this is always a heart pounding, blood rushing hunt. Check out the trophy gallery for pictures of all the species we hunt here.

All the best to everyone planning and preparing for this coming season, see you on the mountain!

Joyce Sword

Choosing a great trophy


Hunting season is well on it’s way throughout North America and many hunters have already harvested great looking animals to add to their trophy collection.  There’s still plenty of time for many different species yet this year, and British Columbia provides some amazing hunting adventures.


Mark Trevino and guide, Tim Ruby

Mark Trevino and guide, Tim Ruby

Guide outfitters take hunting regulations very seriously.  If we want to continue to enjoy hunting adventures we must all become excellent stewards of wildlife.  While many specific regulations protect against over harvesting of many species, selecting an appropriate animal is up to the hunter’s discretion.


Try to remember the last time you’ve struggled with this dilemma..  It’s near the end of the season, and so far, your luck hasn’t been all that great.  The weather has been miserable, your tag is still unpunched, you’re frustrated and probably quite worn out.  When a small spike buck walks out and presents itself, there you are, struggling with two choices.  Take him and finish the season with something to show for all your efforts, or let the fella go and just maybe he’ll be back next year, stronger and much more magnificent.


Shooting game that is perfectly legal, yet less than trophy quality doesn’t just mean your hunt story will be less impressive, it has long lasting effects on wildlife populations.  Harvesting older male animals gives that species the best chance to thrive and not just maintain but increase in numbers.  Hunting mountain goats is a great example of appropriate selection.  There is no ban on hunting a nanny goat in BC, however, there can be a dramatic effect on herd populations when nannies are taken.


Here is some very interesting information from the Alaskan hunting regulations brochure regarding selection of mountain goats


  • Females are late to breed having their first kid between 4 and 6 years old. Young mountain goats experience high mortality.
  • Females may not reproduce every year.
  • If you kill a female, you also take away offspring she would have produced to replace the animals that die from hunting and all other causes.
  • Loss of too many females may cause the mountain goat population to decline to a level that allows very little or no hunting opportunity.

If hunters take the time to select males instead of females, more goats will be available for future harvest. In fact, by the end of a seven year period a small group of goats could double in size if females are not killed and the winter weather is moderate. The chart below illustrates the benefits of harvesting males and passing up females.



Unsaved Preview Document 2


WSLO wishes you the very best of luck with your hunting adventures and would like to remind you to make appropriate hunting choices.

Enjoy the rest of this hunting season and may your great stories create a proud hunting heritage!


Shoot straight!


Whiteswan Lake Outfitters



Hello WSLO friends

Hello WSLO friends, hope you are enjoying a relaxing summer!  It’s been a while since hunt camp was full with hunting friends, telling stories and sharing a few laughs!  We’re looking forward to another season beginning soon, with our first hunters arriving in just a month!


British Columbia has had a challenging forest fire season, with hundreds of fires still burning. View this interactive map and take a look at what BC firefighters are up against!  Right now there are several fires burning in our territory, with the largest “White Tail Brook” over 900Ha.  We are so thankful that all of our hunt camps are a safe distance from any of the fires.  Right now there are up to 8 helicopters working around the Whiteswan Lake area dousing flames


The size of the White Tail Brook fire certainly has been creating some anxiety, however, we are taking it on as a blessing in disguise!  Forest fires create new grazing habitats for wildlife and shift herds of animals into land that may have previously been abandoned.  Nature has a way of purging and renewing through fire.




BC guide outfitters support controlled burns as a means of regenerating old growth forests and creating habitat for wildlife.


Here is a great story that CBC news shared earlier last month.


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