Deer & Moose

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Trophy bucks are abundant in many areas in our territory.  Whitetail bucks are seen often throughout the year.  Trophy mule deer like hiding in the shadows of mountains and it an be a challenge to hike up to their ranges on higher elevations.  Earlier hunts may require your taxidermist to preserve velvet.

Hunts begin November 3-10th and are 7 days in duration


The shiras moose species native to our territory will make a nice addition to the moose hunter’s trophy collection.  We see moose quite often throughout the year on horseback as they are not intimidated by the sight of a horse.  Tags are limited, so book well in advance.  This hunt is 9 days in duration, and one hunter/ one guide only.

Hunt dates:  late October15- early November15  Archery September 1-October 14