Pricing Terms and Conditions

All prices are subject to change. Each hunt includes picking up the hunters and returning them to the local airport providing the hunter arrives at the scheduled date and time. Each hunt normally includes one day in for arrival and one day out for departure.


  ELK Guided hunts are 7 days duration Hunt Dates Archery  September 1-7   (one/one hunt only, $6900US) Rifle    September 9-16   September 20-26   October 1-7   October 12-18 One hunter/ one guide $6,900 US Add-on: black bear or whitetail $500 trophy fee mule deer $1500 trophy fee Non hunting companion $250/day US NEW starting 2018- 8 day Elk Hunt in the Purcell Wilderness, horse only 7900.00 US BIGHORN SHEEP (Hunts are 12 days in duration and begin September 8 – October 25, one hunter/one guide)$ 35,000.00 Non hunting companion $250/day US MOUNTAIN GOAT  (Hunts are 9 days in duration, beginning September 9-November 30.  One hunter/ one guide only) Mountain goat $10,500 US Add-on mule deer or elk: $1500 trophy fee Non-Hunting Companion $250/day US MOUNTAIN LION (Hunts begin December 1-early January for 7 days) One hunter/one guide $7,900 US  Non hunting companion $250/day US Add-on lynx, bobcat or wolf $2000 trophy fee    BLACK BEAR black bear is a 5 day hunt, beginning in early May  One hunter may harvest up to two black bear One hunter/one guide $4500  Non hunting companion $250/day US DEER (Hunts begin November 3-10th  and are 7 days in duration) Whitetail and Mule Deer: One hunter/one guide $6,900 US  Non hunting companion $250/day US SHIRAS MOOSE (Hunt dates:  Archery September 1-October 14, Rifle October 15-November 15, hunt is 9 day duration) One hunter/one guide $9500 US Non hunting companion $250/day US WOLF HUNT 500.00/day Min 5 days, $2000.00 US trophy fee Dec- Feb