Grizzly & Black Bear

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Grizzly Bears are absolutely king of the Rockies, and have earned the respect of many a mountain man!  Grizzlies average 6-8ft and their awesome strength is demonstrated in flipping over boulders that we would need heavy equipment to move!  Our territory boasts a healthy grizzly population.  Grizzly permits are very limited, so please book well in advance.  This hunt will involve hiking or horseback riding and can be physically demanding.

Our territory has approximately 70% colour phase black bears.  Coat colours range from black to brown and cinnamon.  Hunting black bears is done from the main camp using some vehicles to locate bears as well as hiking.

Grizzly hunts are over 12 days, while black bear is a 5 day hunt, beginning in early May, with the best opportunity for grizzly a little later in the season.