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Whiteswan Lake Outfitters

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About Us

Every year, more than 5,000 big game hunters from all around the world come to beautiful British Columbia, in pursuit of great hunting adventures. Whiteswan Lake Outfitters has been a part of many successful guided hunts. Locally owned by Darryl and Joyce Sword, Cody and Shelby Sword who are all from the Kootenay area. WSLO is committed to using the best practices regarding fair chase and hunting ethics. We support wildlife conservation efforts through the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia. Our guiding team is devoted to providing the hunter a safe, fair chase hunt with a reasonable opportunity to harvest a mature animal typical of the Kootenay area. Hunt camp has a relaxed, casual atmosphere that is family friendly with home cooked meals and comfortable cabins. Every effort is made by our team to make sure your hunt with us is safe, fun and enjoyable.

We are lifetime members of Wildsheep Foundation and Safari Club International.

In November of 2012, my dad and I met up in Canada for what has been the best hunting experience of my life. This was my first guided hunting trip, so I really didn’t know what to expect. Any expectations that I did have were far exceeded by Whiteswan Lake Outfitters. My dad and I chose to have a guide each while in Whiteswan Lake which I will always do when using a guide from now on. Dad, 69 years old and I, 36 years old have very different physical abilities, a big factor when hunting in the mountains. Whiteswan Lake Outfitters tailored each of our hunts to our abilities and preferences. Both hunts resulted in a very nice Mule Deer for each of us. My guide, Chris, and hiked for hours to put glass and stalk deer. This in itself made my Mule Deer trophy all the more important to me. My dad’s hunt with Darryl, one of the owners, involved a combination of spotting from the truck and shorter walks to find the deer. Although our hunting approaches varied, my dad and I thoroughly enjoyed hunting at Whiteswan Lake. I am happy to recommend Whiteswan Lake Outfitters to anyone no matter your age or physical capabilities. In addition to the skilled guides, the food, lodging, organization, hospitality was all five star, and I will be back someday.

Ben Meyers, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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